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Need garage door safety tips? You will find a variety here and they are all easy to follow

  • Choose garage door lubricant in line with the climate

    In warm areas that tend to have a great number of insects, it is crucial that the lubricant is not sticky. It should be as light as possible. In places where the temperatures become very low during the winter, lithium-based lubricant will be the best option. This particular ingredient prevents the whole compound from hardening and blocking the movement of the hardware parts.

  • Is it safe to install your door opener?

    Garage door openers are easier to install compared to a garage door. However, it is best to have them installed by a trained technician because improper installation can be hazardous. If you really want to install your Liftmaster yourself, follow the instructions carefully.

  • Check the power of springs

    If you want to see whether your garage door springs are still powerful or need repairs and adjustment, disconnect the opener and try lifting the door. If you have a hard time lifting it, the springs are damaged. If the door doesn't stay open, spring repair is required.

  • Be careful during bottom rollers replacement

    The replacement of garage door rollers is not easy. When it comes to the bottom rollers, the task can be dangerous. The bottom rollers are connected with the cable bracket. The wrong move could lead to accidents. So, ask the assistance of our professionals in White Bear Lake.

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