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Garage Door Springs

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The main two types of garage door springs are extension and torsion. The former ones are installed at the two sides of the door over the track while the latter ones are placed just over the door and around a steel shaft. Extension garage door springs stretch out when the door is shut in order to save their energy and use it when the door must open again. As the door moves up, extension springs contract releasing their energy and this is what enables the movement of the door. In the case of torsion springs, the door moves as the spring spins and develops torque. Torsion springs wind and unwind on one side and remain stationary on the other side. All springs are connected with and transfer their power to cables, which pull the door to its opening position.

Clopay torsion spring problems? Trust our experienced team

Garage Door Springs There is a complex mechanism behind garage doors and springs have a saying in their performance. Since springs enable the opening and closing of the door, their damage will have terrible consequences to the operation of the door. It can become a deadly threat if they snap and there are no safety cables keeping them in place. We try to prevent the worst for our clients by offering fast services. Garage Door Repair White Bear Lake has experience with spring systems, knows the significance of safety cables for extension springs, and what must be done so the door will move alright. As spring experts, we promise phenomenal garage door repair.

We understand the dangers and weaknesses of the garage system when springs are damaged and suggest garage door spring replacement before problems begin. With our leading expertise, springs are replaced perfectly. All types of springs are replaced along with offering maintenance care to keep them in strong and durable condition. Trust our dedicated experts in overhead door springs who guarantee exceptional and quick services.

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